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Funded “Walking Together for Peace” Colombia Pilgrimage

GRACE Pilgrimage - Walking Together for Peace

j. bertholo
j. bertholo wrote on 19-08-2008

For 5 days a group of approximately 400 people from all over the world will Walk for Peace in Colombia led by Sabine Lichtenfels, Padre Javier Giraldo and Benjamin von Mendelssohn.

Passing through villages and hamlets surrounding the area of San Jose, an area unprotected between the fronts of civil war, participants will be confronted with the threatened reality for Colombian peasants and how they can be part of developing global peace strategies for crisis areas around the world.

Together with the inhabitants of the Peace Village San José de Apartadó and other Colombian peace communities, each Pilgrim will show with this peace action their commitment to create a global peace force that no longer stops at national borders.

The Grace Pilgrimage - Colombia 2008 is the 3rd Pilgrimage led by Sabine Lichtenfels in the name of Grace and was inspired by the long standing cooperation between the Tamera peace research centre in Portugal, the Peace Village San José de Apartadó in Colombia and the Peace Research Village Association in Germany. Colombia 2008 will also see the very first event of the Global Campus Initiative - a world wide education programme bringing together theory and practice in all relevant areas of life that will support a future without war.

The Global Campus Initiative has at its core the premise that knowledge is empowerment. It is by creating, receiving and acting with a knowledge of peace that we, as human beings, will be able to direct the present global transformation into a positive transition. As peace workers it must now be our urgent task to create that knowledge base in its most concrete forms. In conjunction with our cooperation partners in Israel/Palestine, India and Colombia a global education curriculum is being designed that is driven by the following elements: community, theory into practice, all-encompassing&concrete models, study sites.

At present the Global Campus comprises of Tamera peace research centre (Portugal), Universidad de la Resistencia (Colombia) and the Holy Land Trust (Palestine). Walking Together for Peace Peace Pilgrimage 01 - 05 October 2008 Creating Knowledge for a Peace Culture Educational Camp 07 - 17 October 2008.

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