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Orange trees for Gambia

A project from Hand in Hand e.V.
in Kiti, Gambia

Agricultural project in Gambia/Africa Orange trees should be improve the life situation from the locals an support yours independence

K. Tenschert-Fuge
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About this project

Our charity Hand in Hand e. V. successfully operates four projects in Gambia. Our second last project called " Agriculture Project Kitty" started in February working closely with locals. The garden was fenced, in order to avoid free roaming animals to eat the fresh greens. We have also already built a well to water the crop, thus, the basic conditions for farming are in place. The site can now be divided among the families in the village and be farmed on. Each area will nurture an orange tree, which will be maintained and watered by each family. The proceeds from the sale of the oranges will be used to partially refinance the maintenance of the well and the pump.

Oranges are an important source of vitamins and are very popular in Gambia.

Help us with your donation now. It will provide enough orange trees and promote independence of all families in Kitty.