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Help for the Tibetan village Briddhim in Northern Nepal

Sponsorships and aid projects for the Tibetan village Briddhim in Rasuwa District in Northern Nepal, which has been destroyed by the earthquake in April 2015.

Konny K.-L. from Tibet Tshoesem e. V.Write a message

Briddhim is a tiny Tibetan village in the North of Rasuwa District, about 56 km North of Kathandu, the capital of Nepal.
The terrible earthquake from April 2015 had almost completely destroyed the village and today the situation of the people there is still critical. Not all the houses of those who have survived,could be rebuilt yet. Many still live in provisional hovels.
Today the village has a population of only about 60 people, mostly elder people, because there is no school, almost no sources of income, so that young people leave for bigger cities. 
The people in Briddhim live on farming, some find work in house construction and as trekking guides for tourists, but since that big earthquake last year nothing stayed the same. The humble incomes don’t last even for the most necessary. The village is short of everything and it is impossible to rebuild a house without subsidy.
We want to do something about that desperate situation of the people in Briddhim. Soon the monsoon will start again and then the situation will be even worse.
We are a group of Buddhist friends, who have decided to shortly form a public charity association in order to support Tibetans in need - children, elder people, poor families, monks and nuns - in Nepal and Northern India. Until this day will come, we want to use the time in a reasonable way and already support with this private project a first family in Briddhim, which was hit very hard by the earthquake.
Even more than 2 years after the earthquake many of the villagers are living under unimaginable hard conditions.
Our charitable association Tibet Tshoesem e.V. is supporting Tibetans and Nepalese – children, old people, poor families, monks and nuns – in Nepal and Northern India with sponsorships and special aid projects.
Since project start for Briddhim we have received many donations and the house of the first family could be rebuild. For the second one we got enough donations in November and it will be completed soon. Our team member on-site, who returned after some years abroad to her home village, provides us on a daily basis with information and photos. She is hands over the donations and documents everything. We consider the transparency of our aid projects as very important.
So far we could get 10 sponsorships for the people in Briddhim. Due to this support one of the children could already be enrolled in school this summer, because the families themselves cannot afford the school fees.
Currently we are looking for sponsors for more children and elder people and we also try to help one more family to rebuild their destroyed house. For completing the roof constructions and getting connected to the water supply of the village, another 1.000 Euro (115.000 NPR) are needed.
The family cannot afford to pay the material or the works. Therefore we urgently need support and want to ask for your donation.
The donations will be delivered by 100 % through our member on-site to the people in need. Your help will get there! Please support this project and help us to provide houses for this family that fit for human habitation.