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Water projects in Indian villages

Clean water through water filter installations in Indian schools, as well as in rural villages and free distribution of drinking water for the poor and homeless.

Mina L. from Pilgrim Vision e.V.Write a message

Groundwater in India is often polluted and contaminated with bacterias, sewerage and pollutants. Unfiltered water can lead to serious illnesses. Water filters are an life-saving and important part of the daily life. Water filters can be seen very often in tourist or urban areas. Every year thousands of people die from water-related illnesses like cholera and diarrhea in rural parts of India.

In the villages
Half of India's population, approx. 600 million people, live in the rural India in very poor and rough conditions without electricity and clean water. Most of them can not afford water filters, due to their poverty and the bad infrastructure. It is important to install water filters in these parts of the country to lower the death rate, which is mainly caused by water-related diseases, and allow these people to live a much healthier life. It is no problem to install different water filter systems for individual use (directly on taps in houses, on wells, or water tanks).

In schools
Our focus lies on the installation of water filters in government schools, because millions of pupils and students in India have no access to clean water all day. With one water filter per school hundreds of children benefit. Our goal is also to teach and educate the students from their early childhood. They have to understand the importance of clean and safe water.

Water distributions
With help of big water filter systems, we are able to pump and filter around 2000 litres of clean water per day. For people with no access of any kind of clean water (homeless, child labors, ...) we are going to fill it in 20 liter cans and distribute it to them.