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Support the construction of children´s and youth´s house Navacopah Port!

A project from Navacopah e.V.
in Palawan, Philippines

Navacopah Port -children´s and youth´s house is a project for disadvantaged children and youths in a remoted area in Palawan. It's aim is to give them a safe space to grow personally, develope their talents and gain knowledge for a healthy lifestyle.

T. Grohmann
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About this project

Navacopah e.V. is a project for disadvantaged children and youths. It's aim is to give them a safe space to grow personally. Respecting and supporting each other are important values to us in this global society.
Our projects give access to education, society and culture. We also offer individual support. Our work is about taking care of each other and appreciating each child the way it is.

The children's and youth's house „Navacopah Port“ is under construction on the Philippine island Palawan. Families have difficulties to cover the basic needs, so there is little time and money to promote education and the individual support of personal growth for their children - quality time with parents are rarely accessible. Navacopah Port aims to empower children and youths due to personal development. This is a way of creating resilient personalities and give better opportunities for the future, far from poverty.
Besides Volunteers get the possibility to share appreciation and gain positive experiences – valuable for their whole life.

These are the projects of Navacopah Port:

An Artistic Lab
We offer artistic, artisanal, musics and sports projects to give children and youths the possibility to explore and develop their personal talents and capacities. Additionally, we are developing seminars for parents and youths. Themes are education and teaching.

A cinema in the jungle
There is little access to public meeting places for children and youth in the remoted areas on Palawan. Youths often just hang out and get into contact with drugs and criminality. Navacopah port should be an open house full of hope – a place to meet up and grow together. The little cinema in the middle of the jungle will screen selected movies. The movies will be a way of giving a positive input and create social platforms. Supporting films will inform about alimentation, education and social issues.

Livelihood projects:
Togehter with children and youth, we develope the use of natural resources and a peaceful life in connection with the environment. Teaching knowledge about health effects of local herbs, fruits and vegetables will help to prevent several sicknesses and desease, maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Be a part, give hope and show appreciation for one another in this world!