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An aid project by “Solomon” (Fanis K.) in Athens, Greece

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Fanis K. (Project Manager)

Fanis K.
Social integration in Greece!
No, we didn't lose our minds. Check out what we have achieved so far and try to imagine what we can do with you by our side!

Solomon encourages refugees & immigrants to join the co-shaping of society through the free expression of their views, ideas & skills. Involving locals in equal terms is a prerequisite in every phase of each project because we recognize that social integration is an issue that concerns all of us as a whole and not refugees and immigrants alone. Our first action is the publication of a digital magazine, consisting of an editorial team of talented people from Afghanistan, Belarus, Ethiopia, Greece, Pakistan and Russia.

Taking into consideration that Greece has always been a transit region for refugees and immigrants, it’s surprising that a framework for social integration (either from the state or from NGO’s) never existed and still has not been created. There are only some scattered initiatives that organize language lessons and that’s all! On the other hand, Solomon is not only a way to ensure that vulnerable people’s voices are heard; it is a hub of interaction and cultural exchange too.

Since our launch in January 2016, we have published 3 issues in Greek and English, we have built a team of 29 people (volunteers included) from 19 countries who speak more than 18 languages and we collaborate with other big organizations worldwide. Our core team comes from 6 different countries and our skills vary; journalism, photography, culinary arts, web development, entrepreneurship, environment. We are not an initiative created solely by locals to help immigrants and refugees. Everyone is actively involved on equal terms and this philosophy leads us to take into account every scope of what we are working on.

According to public opinion, journalism is one of the most hated jobs. Nevertheless, the need of media existence is indisputable. Regarding Solomon magazine, our advantage over other media is that our editors have access to social topics that other journalists struggle to obtain or fail, even; our team has firsthand knowledge about these issues and can provide our readers with excellent coverage on the field.

However, being an immigrant or a refugee doesn't mean that you can only express your thoughts about immigrant or refugee issues. We are all human beings and what is happening affects us all.

Our beta phase taught us that digital readers need formats which are adaptable to every device, content that is shareable on social media and a quick & easy payment process. Your support will help us to achieve the goal of accessible content for everyone, everywhere!

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