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Closed CHABAD KASAR home away from home

A project from CHABAD HOUSE
in Almora, India

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T. Ramot
T. Ramot wrote on 11-08-2016

We have an improvised kitchen that can hardly prepare for a family, and we need to serve more the 100 people!

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no refrigerator, no working space, a small gas which is not appropriate, just a sink, cannot clean the  rough cemented floor and no appropriate equipment. 

Things that are needed to lift Chabad House of Kasar Devi:

Refrigerator, stainless steel kitchen tables, gas stand, sinks, table, Magimix mixer,       restaurant tables (we have 3 only), chairs {we have 27 only), electric frying chips, Griller, electric inverter system (Power cuts are very common), tile the floor.

The season is now starting and we need all these to accommodate MORE THAN 100 PEOPLE!!

We need more then $5000 to upgrade the kichen  (this site set us only on 1000 Euros but you can donate more!)



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