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An organic toilet for the village

A project from Bildung für Balanka e. V. (BiBa e. V.)
in Balanka, Togo

An organic toilet will provide healthy and dignified sanitary facilities and fertiliser for village trees

K. Affo-Tenin
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+++ We managed to raise the encessary funds (offline) and have constructed the eco-toilet +++ Thank you for all donations! +++ After having successfully built a self-sustaining library for school children in Balanka (including a solar electricity supply, total project cost approx. 130.000€, see photo), we are now planning to build an organic toilet to be used by library visitors, school children and neighbours. Until now people have to use surrounding bushes, which is becoming increasing unhygienic with demand for the library and population growth. A survey conducted amongst these user groups confirmed a clear need for an organic toilet. An organic toilet would provide a more dignified sanitary solution with hygienic benefits. The toilet operation will be combined with a sanitation education scheme. Additionally the system turns excrement into fertiliser, which the village council has suggested to use for fertilising trees along the village paths.