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Going together - living better: Sprachbrücke Halle e.V.

Halle Saale, Germany

Sprachbrücke Halle e.V.: connecting people from different nations

J. Schneider from Sprachbrücke Halle e.V.
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Sprachbrücke Halle e.V. is an association that connects people each from different nations. Finding a sense of community helps to understand each other.

In cooperation with christian congregations, other societies and a lot of volunteers are many events and meetings organized and accomplished: Deutsch-Café, Chess-Café, Volleyball-Treff, Women-Cook-Meeting.

Tandempartners help learning the German language by practise.

Mentors and refugees, connected by Sprachbrücke Halle e.V. help lerning about the city Halle, their culture and how to solve all day problems.