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Funded Dithira wants to hear the sounds (House of Hope)

A project from House of Hope e.V.
in Malwana, Sri Lanka

After the surgery (Cochlear Implant) Dithira needs speechtherapy (40 Euro per month), to train his hearing abilities and to learn speaking. Please help with your donation to cover the needs of 40 Euro per month.

J. Kühn
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About this project

House of Hope, SAVE LIFE Project: Dithira Geemeth from Sri Lanka is two years old and he is diagnosed with profound hearing loss. His inability to hear any sounds would result in him not being able to speak completely, resulting in him being mute as well. With the first Cochlear Implant and speach therapy he can enter the world of sounds.

... Dithira is now 2 years and 3 months old and according to the parents he is a very active and lovable child.

...The parents with lot of difficulties and hardships have found the money and cochlear implant was done in December 2009. Now the doctors have recommended the cochlear implant for the other ear too.

...The child is progressing well after the cochlear implant. He is now paying attention to the sounds and is able to speak “Thaththa” (father), “Amma” (mother) and “bye”. He also could identify his toys by names.

...Dithira is undergoing speech therapy three days a week at the Golden Key Hospital Rajagiriya, the same hospital where he had the implant done. The hospital charges Rs. 500/= per hour, Rs.1500/= a week and Rs. 6000/= Euro 37,20 Euro a month for speech therapy and the parents are in a very difficult situation as they are already indebted to many people and financial institutions.

House of Hope was able to send 6.200,00 Euro to finance the balance amount required for the first implant done in Dec. 2009. But now there is a need of a second implant (Rupees 2,700,000.00/= Euro 16.737,96) and the postoperational support as well as the speech therapy for Dithira. The parents are now asking for any possible support from all of us to create a bright future for their darling son.