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Closed Protected and safe spaces for people on the run.

Morethanshelters aim to provide mobile, protected and safe spaces for people fleeing.

Daniel K. from morethanshelters e.V.Write a message

Millions of people are on the run - fleeing war, terror and oppression. They have to face unbelievable challenges on their escape route: life-threatening paths across water and land, closed borders, and unacceptable conditions in the temporary camps.

After several months of being involved in various refugee camps in Europe, we were able to see the cruel reality that the people have to endure. The conditions of many camps are depressing and dangerous. However, the unprecedented commitment of humanitarian organisations and volunteers helps bring relief and perspective to the people residing in the camps.

New focal points arise regularly. People end up stationed in one place for several months lacking vital human needs such as support, security, privacy or distractions from their ordeal. Building on our experience thus far, we aim and want to build flexible retreat spaces wherever they are needed most. Whether it be a mobile clinic, a kindergarten, a classroom or a shelter for mothers and their babies - we want to provide immediate help - wherever it is needed.

In order to undertake and finance further projects to create these protected areas, we need YOUR support!

Faithfully and with many thanks,

Your morethanshelters team.

PS: Our work depends, among other things, on political decisions and events in Europe. Thus, flexibility in deciding where the support is most needed, is a great advantage to our work and our projects.