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Charity-Rallye for DEEPWAVE

A project from DEEPWAVE e.V.
in Hamburg, Germany

Charity action for the marine conservation organization DEEPWAVE e.V. and for rally members of Superlative Adventure Club.

Anna Groß
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About this project

All members of the Superlative Adventure Club Challenges (Knights of the Iceland Rally, Baltic Sea Rally, European and Pacific Rally) and all other friends of the ocean: Your're welcome!

Help us collect donations for the protection of the oceans.

As a charity partner, we are pleased if you support the marine conservation organization DEEPWAVE.

Soon will start the Knights of the Iceland - which is the ultimate adventure road trip in the United Kingdom. Capture the Castles of England, climb the fabled Highlands in Scotland and discover the ancient Celtic roots in the Land of the Dragon, Wales.

And soon starts the Baltic Sea Rally - In 16 days 7500 km around the Baltic Sea. Without a Navi, without GPS, in a car older than 20 years. This is the Baltic Sea Circle Rally.

The marine conservation organization DEEPWAVE e.V. has been established in the spring of 2003. The aim of the initiative is to promote environmentally friendly structures for the marine ecosystem.

DEEPWAVE wants to
- Raise awareness of environmental hazards
- Pressure politicians to resolve the causes
- Promote the dissemination of scientific knowledge and
- Provide an organizational framework for exchange of information and views on oceanographic topics

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