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Closed Mazingira Bora

Nairobi, Kenya

September Tree Planting besides Garbage collection

e. otieno
e. otieno wrote on 07-09-2010

Hallo every one,am doing well,just to give an update of my project,this saturday 4th Sept.2010 members of the Mazingira Bora group participated in a tree planting activity in one of Kenya's water catchment tower Karura Forest few kilometers from Nairobi City.This initiative was as a result governments effort to throw/reposes the forest grabbed land with few individual from the previuos regime,therefore members of the Mazingira Bora felt wise to go and plant trees to replace the destroyed ones.we planted over 400 trees.          On our normal garbage operations we have improved on well ever since we started the program 'EDUCATE MAMA NA BABA' of 'KEEP HURUMA CLEAN' Slogan spearheaded by children of between age 8-14.Careless disposal witnessed previously is almost becoming an history in  the huruma communiy,and this is through unending effort that both the Mazingira Bora, children and members of the community are giving towards the success of this initiative.Next month we'll be launching our to be yearly magazine outlining some of the archievements and challenges of the year 2010,will post one on betterplace and you will get to know what and where we are as far as the project is concerned.Please help invite friends who are willing to support.

Thank you

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