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A wheelchair lifting-device for the senior day-care "Haus Jana"

A project from Tagespflege Haus Jana Ludwigshafen
in Ludwigshafen, Germany

A wheelchair-lifting device for the Senior day-care "Haus Jana" to reach the garden.

T. Krause
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About this project

"Haus Jana" is a Non-Profit institution, there allready exists a garden, but we can´t use it because there is a stair. A Lifting Device for a safety Access would be necessary. But such a lifting device is too expensive for us, even used. Please help that we can buy such a device to enable the use of the garden. it would be so useful to improve the sensory perception especially of the guests with Alzheimer.

Please help that we can use the wonderful garden and that the Seniors can enjoy the sun within next summer !

Thank you in advance !

God bless you.