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Mobile dental unit for South-India for orphanages and poor people

Madurai, India

Mobile dental unit for orphanages and poor and needed poeple in South-India and Kamerun

M. Ries from German Dental Carehood International, GDCI e.v.
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German Dental Carehood International (GDCI)

We are a non-profit organization comprised of volunteer dentists that was founded in 1983 and originally called “Dentists for India.” Since then, many of our members have given their time and professional skills to work in different locations in southern India. For many years, we worked with the German assistance organization called “Kindernothilfe” and the Church of South India. We established with them seven dental office locations. Our doctors working at these locations have treated mostly children from nearby orphanages and poor villages . We have maintained a continuous involvement in these dental offices which in turn provides children with high quality dental care with the support and assistance of local nurses. The children are also given dental hygiene instructions so they can become responsible for themselves in maintaining healthy and long lasting teeth. In order to provide dental care for children living in more remote rural areas, a dentalmobile or dental office on wheels, was created and has served children who otherwise would not have received any kind of proper dental care.

Our dentists all have high standards of professional skills due to their having many years of work experience in Germany and abroad. In many cases, they bring their assistants with them for the time they will be working in India.

We never forget two important considerations: that we are only guest doctors working at these dental locations; and that we serve as (goodwill) representatives of our home countries.

We would like to present more information about the volunteer initiative that we do which hopefully will attract both your interest in our work and activate your involvement with our organization.

Please check out our website,, to find out more about our work.

If you would like to receive more information about GDCI please send your email to us. We promise that every request will be answered, guaranteed. And, you might want to make direct contact with one of our members who can report on the actual work they have done. If so, we can provide you with their contact details.

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