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An aid project by “Paruware Trust” (G. Chituri) in Harare, Zimbabwe

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G. Chituri (Project Manager)

G. Chituri
The UNOCHA (2009) reported that the unemployment rate in Zimbabwe has reached 94% with only 6% of the population formally employed.The Southern African migration report conducted in 2001 reveals that at least 60% of skilled Zimbabweans have made a mental commitment to leaving the country within a certain time frame from 6months to 2years.Anecdotal evidence shows that nearly 90% of fresh graduates are pessimistic and frustrated by the job search.
At the same time it still boasts of a high literacy in comparison to other African countries.
Every year, thousands of university and college students graduate armed with qualifications to be business executives and managers in the corporate world. This isn’t supported by an equal increase in the number of corporate organizations and businesses that can competitively attract and retain the young business executives resulting in joblessness and young professionals settling in careers they have little or no interest in or the common phenomenon of the 'brain drain'.
The idea was born out of a need for a rebirth of the business community in Zimbabwe. Paruware Trust aims at creating job creators, through a comprehensive program that addresses both theory, through workshops, and practice, through the business incubation program.
Young people are taken through entrepreneurial education which is often lacking in the current education system and support in establishing youth-led businesses.
Paruware Trust is looking for funds to hold entrepreneurship camps across the country targeting different groups of vulnerable young people in order to equipp them with entrepreneurship and leadership skills. USD3000 can cater for 20 young people in an week long camp with the best instructors. Entrepreneurship-equipped young people coupled with knowledge in their trained fields, will not only sustain themselves by starting and running viable businesses but create jobs and wealth for the prosperity of our nation.
We expect to run a camp each month and reach out to at least 300 young people over the year. We will also be holding separate entrepreneurship seminars to 3000 young people each year in different places.

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Location: Harare, Zimbabwe

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