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Closed child education initiative organization

in Wobulenzi, Uganda

dear friends l bring you greetings from child education initiative organization

f. ndoodhe
f. ndoodhe wrote on 24-05-2016

Some of our children finished the first term for this  academic year successfully .Holidays for three weeks have started now.Some children did not got to school for the beginning of the year we still hope for some one to support such children by providing school fees and scholastic materials. Those who managed to attend school did well on a whole ,we still hope that all our children in this organization can be helped .We look forward for a bright future for all the children that are in need of your support.

the holiday shall go on up to the 6th of June please support a child from CHILD EDUCATION INITIATIVE ORGANIZATION NOW!!! With this act you have supported a nation.Thank you!!!

support a child now!!
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