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School Bags and Stationeries for Children in remote areas of Nepal

A project from hamromaya Nepal e.V.
in Nepal

"One School Bag for Each Child" aims to support childen in the remote regions of Nepal by providing them school bags and stationeries. We would like to facilitate their exhausting way to school and to improve their learning conditions over there.

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About this project

Our 13th Bag-Project (Sindhupalchowk) has been successful. More information.
> 728 bags were distributed back in April 2021<
> Next mega-project in Oct 2021 tba.

Provided schoolbags: 11,839 (last update: 28/05/2021)
Visit our website for all past projects.

In Short
Our Schoolbag-Project aims to support childen in remote regions of Nepal by providing them school bags and stationeries. Hence, we are facilitating their exhausting way to school, improving learning conditions and their daily life in school.

Why we help
In remote regions of Nepal people usually suffer from the lack of proper infrastructure. Many children need to walk for hours to reach schools. Since most of the students do not own adequate bags, they have to walk with books under their arms or in plastic bags, carrying them the whole way through a mountainous region. Our Schoolbag-Project aims to facilitate these children's way to school, bringing a bit of normality back into their school life. Because every child needs a school bag!

What we have done so far
Starting in spring 2016, we have donated 11,839 school bags, visiting 112 schools in 79 different villages! Check out our last big Bag-Project.

What's so special about us
1.      We work on a voluntary basis and we all are non-paid!
2.      100% of each donation will reach our project!
3.      We travel to regions that have been avoided by INGOs due to their remoteness!

Costs per filled school bag
The costs for one school bag filled with sationeries is 8€. Transport, food and accommodation during our project journey are already included. These costs are approximately 0,95€ per school bag.

All school bags and stationeries are bought in Nepal
All school bags are produced in Nepal. All stationeries (copies, ballpens, pencils, pencil cases, sharpeners, erasers, rulers) are bought from Nepalese merchandisers.

Please help with us

To be able to help those regions, where aid is truly needed, we need your support! We would like you to be one of our sponsors who stands on our side to give children in remote regions of Nepal a smile on their faces. Please support our project and donate a school bag.

For further questions to our project or our charity, feel free to send me a message.
Thank you for your generous support and your trust in our work.

Best regards