Funded Ten for Ten Campaign

Sacele, Romania

Funded Ten for Ten Campaign

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Help ten brothers and sisters living in extreme poverty in Romania. It costs £2,500 (2.970 €) to build a carpentry workshop so that the children's father can work to support them.

Jana L. from Children's Helpers WorldwideWrite a message

Your ten pounds could help a family with ten children, living in extreme poverty in Romania.
The Children: The ten siblings live with their parents in a Roma settlement, in a village on the outskirts of Sacele.
The Need: The children’s father, Sorin, will be able to provide for them if he has the chance to work. We have teamed up with the Romanian organisation, FAST, to build a carpentry workshop, so he can start a furniture business. He will then be able to support each of his children and give them a better start to life.
The Challenge: The carpentry workshop will cost £2,500 (2.970 €).
If 250 people give just ten pounds, together we can reach this target. Will you be one of these people?