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Closed We Need your donation&charity for the free children checkup &medician

Bright Hope Foundation NGO Regd. Faisalabad, Pakistan Running "Every Friday" 2016 Free Medical Camp (Free checkup&Medician

M. Riaz
M. Riaz wrote on 05-04-2016

our "paypal email"

Bright Hope Foundation Free Medical Camp 01-April-2016 at Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) with complete patient list.Bright Hope Foundation NGO Regd. running "Every Friday" Free Medical
Camp #2 (with free patient checkup & Medician of Hepatitis,diabetes,High blood pressure,Liver & stomach problem,Ultrasound,tooth pain etc. ) on 01-April-2016 From
3 p.m to 8 p.m at Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) Abdullah wali
ground, Jinnah colony Faisalabad, Pakistan with complete patient List.

Limit 600x450 image

Limit 600x450 image

Limit 600x450 image
Limit 600x450 image
Limit 600x450 image

Limit 600x450 image
Limit 600x450 image
Limit 600x450 image
Limit 600x450 image
Limit 600x450 image

Patient list provided free checkup and free medician

Limit 600x450 image

Please make us your donation& charity for for humanity Free medician and free checkup of patient::

our "paypal email"

our bank account detail::

Bank Al Habib Limited

Title of A/C: Bright Hope Foundation

A/C No: 0003-0071-032815-01-4

IBAN: PK71 BAHL 00030071 03281501


Main Branch Press Club Road,
Faisalabad, 38000, Pakistan.


Allied Bank Limited


A/C No: 0010028282230014

IBAN NO. PK02ABPA0010028282230014


ABL Model Branch Kotwali Road, Faisalabad (0493),Pakistan.

Free checkup&Medician every sunday bright hope foundation free Medical camp
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