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Closed Namaste Hip Hop - Empowerment for Youths in Nepal

Empowerment of Youth in Nepal. Through mutual exchange we want to educate young Nepalis in topics of informal cultural education. Getting more knowledge about Hip Hop culture. Sharing Experiences with dancers from all over Europe

A. Müller from Förderverein Jugendhaus Waldpforte e.V.Write a message

Hip Hop is not just music, style and prestige. It ignites dead souls. It saves us. Gives us meaning.
Makes life worth living. Gives us friends for life. Makes us a community, a culture.
Hip Hop is not ME. Hip Hop is WE. Especially in poor countries Hip Hop shows a perspective. The issues of urban youth in Nepal is a minor topic for development aid, but needs to be confronted as these are the leaders of society of tomorrow - well-educated, open-mided and with untapped energy, but with less opportunities the youth tries to leave the country and go abroad (mainly to Arabic countries) to make a living.
We want to start an exchange program between HipHop dancers from Nepal (10 participants) and HipHop artists from Mannheim/Germany (10 participants). In Nepal there are no youth centres where the youth can gather and do cultural activities. The NGO "Nepal Breakdance Foundation" is a role model in providing a rehearsal room, so we want to extent opportunities for informal cultural education in Nepal. The Nepali participants are guided through youth centres and other cultural institutions of Mannheim to get to know how such institutions run. In workshops we discuss possibilities of establishing comparable institutions in Nepal. Other topics of civic education and development will also be discussed (workshops in education for Her, self-defense course, environment topics such as recycling, upcycling, waste reduction etc., social media/media competence, perspectives for school-drop-outs). Through mutual workshops there will be exchange in artistic topics, too: the participants will perform a stage program. The city where the exchange takes place is Mannheim (south-west of Germany, federal country: Baden-Württemberg). It will take place from Sept 15th to October 2nd 2016.
Through those workshops in topics of cultural activities as conducted in Germany's youth centres the Nepali participants gain insights and ideas on how to adapt such programs in Nepal to empower the youth. I want to learn methods of educating people through freetime activities (dancing, art, music etc.). Furthermore we exchange with other dancers in order to improve our skills and knowledge. So we can extend our professional network and can contribute to the development of our country Nepal.

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