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A kindergarten for the village of Toloha in Tanzania.

A project from Toloha Partnership Deutschland e.V.
in Toloha, Tanzania

The aim of the project is to help the villagers of Toloha in Tanzania to build a new kindergarten. The old nursery consists only of a small shack. Here it is cared for around 100 children each year.

K. Schäfer
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About this project

The aim of the project is to help the villagers of Toloha in Tanzania to build a new kindergarten. During our visit in the village in July 2015, we had the opportunity to visit the primary school and the adjacent kindergarten. It turned out that the "nursery" is only a small, at that time completely unfurnished shack. Later on some discharged tables and forms were added. The title picture gives a good impression on the current situation. A young, highly dedicated and loving kindergarten teacher cares for about 100 children a year, aged three to five years.

This situation directly led to the consideration to do a change. During the visit, we decided to start planning for a new kindergarten building. The teachers, village elders, the children, and not least the nursery teacher are thrilled! A building site - where later also another big multi-function building shall be constructed - is already available!

With the given cooperation between "Toloha Partnership" (USA) and "Toloha Partnership Germany e.V." the main responsibility for this project has been transferred to our association in Germany. In cooperation with Bishop Mwakimage from Tanga an architect was commissioned to design the building and prepare the quantity/cost calculation. At the same time we grabbed a building permit from the district administration in Mwanga and assured the support and cooperation of the relevant official bodies for our project.

Now it's time to secure the funding for us. A big task for our young, still small organization - we lack about 20,000 EUR for the implementation of the project. We will compete this year with many events and fundraising actions to collect the necessary funds.

Please help us to secure a good future for the children of Toloha! Your collaboration and your donations are welcome. Since we are a registered non-profit organization in Germany, you will - of course - receive a tax-deductible donation receipt. Further information is available any time via the contact form or in person.