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School education for children and adolescents at Nepal’s greenest orphanage

The orphanage in Jharuwarashi, Nepal uses green fuels for daily demand. It gives a home to 62 children and teenagers.We need funding for school books, shoes, uniforms, notebooks and other materials which are needed to give them a good education.

Tatjana C. from Moving Mountains e.V.Write a message

An aid project from Moving Mountains e.V. Berlin/Germany

The Jharuwarashi Orphanage in Nepal is a very special place. It uses solar energy and organic briquettes made from leaves and old school notebooks for fuel and cooking, contributing to the fight against climate change and saving wood in an already over-deforested region.

But above all, the orphanage offers 62 children and teenagers a loving home. Still, it is only with a good education that Anjali, Rebika, Isha and all of the other children and young adults there can hope for a better future.

What they especially need now is funding for school uniforms, shoes, books, notebooks and other learning materials for the coming school year.

Moving Mountains e.V. is a non-profit organization for people, who want to make a difference and are not deterred by big obstacles. We are committed to helping the children and teenagers at the Jharuwarashi Orphanage in Nepal.

Wolf Gebhardt

You can find a video about our orphanage in the news. Have a look!