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An aid project by “SAND Journal” (B. Crook) in Berlin, Germany

News: On this page the carrier keeps you informed about the current situation of the project. This helps you judge how the donations are being used.

B. Crook (Project Manager), written about 5 years ago

B. Crook

Literary Events and Issue 3

Thanks to everyone who came to hear four SAND authors reading and performing at Cafe Gaudy on October 7th! Claudia Bierschenk and Danielle Janess presented their original poetry, James Harris read his four line poems and an excerpt from a story that he has written in German, and Paula Varjack laid down a beat with her spoken word performances.

This week, we are holding another reading in cooperation with the Language Boat Party on the Eastern Comfort near Jannowitzbrücke. On Wednesday, October 20 starting at 7:30 p.m., poets Robert Grant (UK), Linden Horvath (US) and Tom Bresemann (Germany) will perform at the boat party, followed by live music and an all-around good time. We hope to see you there.

There are several changes upcoming at SAND. For one, co-founder and editor Jason Andrews is moving back to London. We are grateful for all the work and creativity that he has put into founding SAND. Other enthusiastic people have joined the team, each working on various projects and aspects of the journal's production. We even have a possible radio-show in the works! We're collaborating with Etsy Berlin to use their workspace for our meetings and we are looking for funding partners.The youth magazine "moxie" will also work in cooperation with SAND to hold collective events and have possible special issues together. SAND journal is also now available for purchase online, so if you live outside of Berlin and can't always make it to the events, now you can still get a copy easily! Go to:

Issue 3 on the theme of "Kiez" is underway and we are currently collecting submissions in art, photography, prose, poetry and translations until January 15. See our submissions page for more information:

We hope to see you around! Thank you for your support!

The SAND team




B. Crook (Project Manager), written about 5 years ago

B. Crook

Second Issue of SAND

Dear friends of SAND,

We have now published Issue 2 of SAND. On September 22, we held a reading at the Collegium Hungaricum in collaboration with the International Literature Festival. Writers Tishani Doshi, Marcus Speh and Danielle Janess read their works, followed by an impromptu guitar performance by Jason Andrews.

We are very excited about the second issue, but need your continued help to make this a sustainable project. Please pitch in, whether by donating, or by organizing events that help gain fundraising for SAND. And be sure to pick up your copy of the second issue, as well as to send us your works for Issue 3. And spread the word!

Copies of SAND can now be ordered and paid for online too, at

Visit us at:



B. Crook (Project Manager), written over 5 years ago

B. Crook

SAND Journal is now on!

We just started our profile to raise support on! We are beginning with a call to adopt an artist or writer, at 50 Euros per published contributor. We are also asking for support to help with our printing costs. Get involved, help us to support SAND writers, translators and artists or dig your fingers into the nuts and bolts of printing a couple copies! Every (euro-) penny helps!


the SAND team

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