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Motomedix- free health care for Cambodian waste-pickers

A project from Chibodia e.V. - Friends for Children in Cambodia
in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Chibodia Motomedix Cambodia New Dumpsite Lakeside Healthcare Doctor Children

N. Ruhl, Chibodia
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A primary health care is a matter of course for many of us. Unfortunately, there are still regions in which this is not the case. In the slums around Phnom Penh, Cambodia, many families are living with their children under adverse circumstances on dumps and slums. Especially there, where medical care is really needed, Chibodia Motomedix comes into play - they provide the slum inhabitants with professional, medical assistance. Since the terrain is difficult to pass even in the rainy season, the employees use motorcycles which are capable of dealing with the rough terrain.

Chibodia Motomedix was founded in 2007 and currently offers clinics three days per week in two different locations (New Dumpsite and Lakeside Youth School). Every three months, Chibodia Motomedix also offers a Mobile Clinic in the countryside near Oudong. Two Khmer doctors and one Khmer medical assistant treat acute injuries and diseases.
Our mission is to provide medical care for children most in need and hardest to reach. We believe Healthcare is a basic human right and should be accessible free of costs to everyone. Our goal is to educate poor communities (Slums) in Workshops on disease prevention, hygiene and pre- and postnatal care.
We offer the complete healthcare spectrum free of charge: Diagnosis, invasive and non-invasive medical treatment, follow-ups and prevention. Additionally, we provide pregnancy monitoring with ultrasound and minor surgery on-site in Chibodia MMX-own Health Centers within walking distance of the target group. Major operations focus on children.

The Chibodia Motomedix project is funded only by donations, and now the situation is more urgent than ever. The crowdfunding via is the best chance that the project can last. Therefore, we are glad for any donation that helps us to improve the living conditions in the slums around Phnom Penh and to set a living standard for the people.

More information about the Chibodia Motomedix project and other Chibodia projects are available here: