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Visions for Children e.V. - Association work

A project from Visions for Children e.V
in Hamburg , Germany

Since 2006, Visions for Children e.V. has been committed to ensuring that every child has the opportunity to learn to read and write. With your donation you support our work and help us to realise our vision.

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About this project

Visions for Children e.V. - Let's create a world in which every child can read and write.

About us

Visions for Children e.V. is a non-profit registered association from Hamburg, which has been working for equal opportunities in education since 2006. Our work focuses on the improvement of learning conditions and educational quality at schools in areas of conflict and war zones. For this purpose, school buildings and sanitary facilities are being improved, classrooms are being equipped with fundamental equipment and pupils and teachers are being provided with essential materials. Additionally, with training courses and workshops, we strive to strengthen the capacities of our target groups based on the principle of helping others help themselves. We thus provide the basic conditions necessary for high-quality learning in accordance with the fourth sustainability goal of the United Nations’ Agenda 2030.

Focus of our work

Our focus is on volatile regions with unstable economic and political conditions. There, we create sustainable learning conditions for children by rebuilding and equipping schools and thereby promoting high-quality teaching. We work exclusively with local partners and directly involve the local target group. The small core team of Visions for Children e.V., in cooperation with civil society, local project partners and local donors, creates the basis for sustainable social and economic progress through its projects.

Our team

The core team of Visions for Children e.V. consists of about 40 volunteers and 10 employed members. All members work transparently within a young and multicultural team. Each member brings different professional competencies to the team, enabling a more efficient and successful pursuit of our organization’s vision.

Your donation

With your donation you support our work. You support the implementation of smaller and larger projects, events and campaigns - where you can meet us personally and get to know us (sometimes online, sometimes offline). In addition, you help us with the production of information material, the operation of the homepage, the payment of the account maintenance fees and our office rent. Together, we create the necessary basis to realise our vision, to document our actions and to always remain transparent and trustworthy.

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