An aid project by “Wagenburg Kanal e.V.” (Mo K.) in Berlin, Germany

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Mo K. (Project Manager)

Mo K.
For two years BIM – Berlin grounds and houses company (that is maintaining and selling property of the state) is fighting against us and trying to make us sign a contract with racist paragraphs that forbids refugees, rrom_nja and people without papers or with Residenzpflicht to live at our place.

Just recently we ONLY found out through the press that the senate and the districts of berlin together paradoxically have published a list, of places where so called „MUF“ (modular shelter for refugees) should be built. The only place on this list where people are living, is our home in
Kiefholzstraße 74. By building a lager they want to force us to leave. This racist displacement policy, with a rent increase, in favor of profitmaximisation, wants to eliminate us as a self-organized structure and replace us with state run concentration camps. The results are mass deportation and privatization. They want to play us off against each other.

Let's say NO to it together. Let's stick together in solidarity and fight structural racism! Let's defend self-determined spaces!
Against concentration camps!
Against eviction!
Against deportation!

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Location: Berlin, Germany

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