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Support for a Children's Hospital in Erbil (Irak)

A project from Soul Aid e.V.
in Duhok, Iraq

Psychological and social support for traumatized displaced persons and refugees in the crisis areas of Syria and Iraq

M. Tentler
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About this project

Support for displaced persons in psychological distressSoul Aid e.V.
Our service
Psychological and social support for traumatized displaced persons and refugees in the crisis areas of Syria and Iraq
Our goal
Encouraging and assisting the affected persons in coming back to a self-determined everyday life, beyond the psychological strain and psychotrauma
Help us to help others
Your donations counts and brings the highest possible benefits to the affected persons due to a lean organizational structure.
The facts:
Only a small minority of the some 60 million people worldwide that currently reside – based in the data coverage of the UN Refugee Agency UNHCR -outside their place of origin is able to migrate to far off areas, such as Europe.
The largest amount of this people - about 40 million - are internally displaced persons that are on the run in their own country. They had to leave their houses, villages and cities due to warfare and terrorism.Furthermore, some 20 million refugees have crossed the borders of their country of origin; most of them found shelter in refugee camps in the neighboring countries.
Syria is currently responsible for the largest amount of internally displaced persons as well as refugees worldwide; followed by Columbia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia.
The majority of the mostly severely traumatized displaced persons and refugees face an uncertain future, without hope of being able to go back to their place of origin soon. Many international charities offer material and medical support on the spot.
However, professional psychological and social aid is also urgently required.
SouldAid makes an important contribution to this kind of help.
Our work:The Soul Aid Association provides unbureaucratic and direct assistance to people that were displaced, haunted or abused due to political, racial, sexist or religious reasons or that are endangered to be victimized in such ways.
Thus we believe that we have an obligation to provide the utmost psychological and social assistance also to the displaced people in the countries of origin and the refugee camps.
The SoulAid support:
• ambulatory and stationary care of displaced persons and refugees
• training of the medical and psychosocial qualified personnel on the spot
• providing the necessary psychosocial, logistical and organizational tasks at home and abroad
• research and teaching activities that are based in the goals of the association and aim at long-term quality assurance
• cooperation and networking with groups, governments and organizations that are committed to the resolution of the General Assembly of the United Nations 217 A (III), the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the SouldAid Association – a charitable association
The SouldAid Association is not profit-oriented due to being a charitable association, i.e. no own economical purposes are pursued. The financial resources of the association are just meant to be used for statutory purposes.