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Polytechnic School for socially disadvantaged youths/adults in rural Kenya

Taveta, Kenya

The Mbuyuni Women Group from Taveta (Kenya) is run by voluntarily working Kenyan women and supported by Akifra e.V. from Dresden, Germany. The group plans to build a polytechnic school for socially disadvantaged youths and adults.

M. Trefzer from Akifra e.V.
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The Mbuyuni Women Group is a registered Community Based Organisation (CBO) in the Taveta District of Kenya. It is led by a group of voluntarily working Kenyan women. Aside from different projects such as information campaigns, the MWG is running a primary school, the Sunrise Academy (see picture above). Their next aim is to build and run a polytechnic school for socially disadvantaged youths and adults.
The polytechnic school will be particularly beneficial to people who have dropped out of school and therefore have little perspective for future employment. At first, around 150 students will be taught with 500 and more students in the long run. The school will enable them to live their future lives independently and sustain themselves and their families by making use of their acquired skills. There is so far no polytechnic school in the surrounding area of 200 square kilometres.
The students will be able to choose between metal work, carpentry and tailoring and will gain proficiency in that skill. By the time they complete their education, they will be awarded a certificate proving their skill, enabling them to find employment.
The land designated for the polytechnic school is already property of the Mbuyuni Women Group.
The Action Group for Women’s and Childrens’ Rights (Akifra e.V.) from Dresden. Germany is supporting the Mbuyuni Women Group with their projects: (information in German).