Closed Granny Support Group

An aid project by “Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust” (C. Myeni) in Valley of a Thousand Hills, South Africa

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C. Myeni (Project Manager)

C. Myeni
Starting in 2006 through to 2008, May Chazan from Careleton University in Ottawa, Canada, conducted a research study on the work done by the HACT nurses in the community. This study included an intensive research focus group and in-depth interviews with approximately 100 grannies between June and October 2008.

Grannies in Chazan's study reported a multitude of stresses in their lives. These stressors included: financial problems, violence, insecurity, abuse, HIV/AIDS, and other chronic illnesses. The study highlighted how grandmothers' burdens extend well beyond the devastating consequences of HIV/AIDS. They are deeply affected by the continuation of poverty, violence and illnesses in ways that profoundly alter how they relate to their families, communities, and their roles as grandmothers.

In order to combat these obstacles the grannies have turned to support groups to help them develop spiritually, mentally, financially, and physically.

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Location: Valley of a Thousand Hills, South Africa

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