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Integrated sport classes for refugees - Train together!

A project from Boxgirls Berlin e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

The sports club Boxgirls Berlin e.V. offers free inclusive boxing- and thaiboxing classes as well as endurance training for refugees. Being a mixed group, male and female, respect and appreciation for each other are core values to us.

Boxgirls Berlin e. V.
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About this project

We offer weekly boxing- and muay thay (thaiboxing) classes, and endurance training where refugees can join and train together with other members from our club, wear themselves out, let off steam, and in doing so strengthen their self-esteem and make new local friends with whom they can share this experience. Our goal is the integration and inclusion of refugees through sports. In addition to sportive skills, there are many more things we learn from interacting actively with each other. Being a mixed group, male and female, respect and appreciation for each other are core values to us.
Learning and practicing German is just another positive side effect of the integrated training we offer to refugees.

We need personal and financial support to be able to continue our refugee-project in 2017 and longer. We would like to equip our new club members with things they need to be able to attend (f.ex. sports attire and gear), and we need financial support to be able to continue offering workshops and trainings for free.

If you wish to support us, please send us an email to

All the money will go directly to our refugee-project. This means that we will spend it on equipment (such as hand wraps, boxing gloves, jump ropes, etc.), sports apparel (workout shorts/pants, shirts, footwear, etc.), and tickets for public transportation to facilitate regular participation.

With the funding we are planning to finance the following 3 years.

Since 2005, Boxgirls Berlin e.V.’s goal has been to inspire, motivate, and empower especially girls and women from marginal groups. The idea has always been to support the girls and women to change their social surroundings by actively participating and campaigning for their community and boroughs in order to create dynamic spaces where everybody can be included in a society with equal opportunities.
To achieve this goal we offer regular classes led by qualified instructors who help our members require social and inter-cultural skills. More than 50% of our members have migration background.
A central part of our concept is working in the field of conclusive sports and education. Preventing violence, working and feeling your body, learning and participating using media pedagogic take center in our work.