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Students build hospital in Haiti for primary health care

A project from Hochschule Anhalt in Kooperation mit Mirador e.V.
in Jacmel, Haiti

Architecture , Design and Facility Management - Students of the Anhalt University plan infirmary in Haiti in cooperation with HaitiNothilfe e.V. and the Foundation "Make Children Smile " for improving primary care .

M. Bieler
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About this project

Our now sixth charity construction project of the Anhalt University Germany directs its efforts to Haiti, a Caribbean country in crisis.
Our project partner in Haiti is the Haiti Emergency Help Foundation (Haiti-Nothilfe Verein) from Münster, Germany. The members of the association, active since 2009 in Haiti, run a school and residence for street children and orphans in the southern city of Jacmel. They also contributed to the social sustainability of the region by founding the Make Children Smile foundation in 2011, and also now finance teachers and counsellors.
Haiti gained an unfortunate notoriety principally from the outpour of refugees on their way to the USA, and from the devastating earthquake of 2010. Many Haitians still live in emergency shelters and tents, and the ability of the Haitian government to help has been hindered by corruption and mismanagement. Many people had to leave their destroyed or damaged homes in the city and now live on the outskirts of Jacmel, where there is poor infrastructure. The inhabitants around the orphanage have been reporting of the definite need for medical care.
Because the country itself cannot provide this service, the foundation would like to offer a part of its land for the purpose of the construction of a small medical station.
We are students of the Anhalt University, and have decided to help the inhabitants of this part of Jacmel by planning, financing and constructing this medical station. Particularly due to the current outbreak of the Zika virus it clear that basic medical care (meaning check-ups and access to doctors) could save many lives. The region is particularly affected by a high rate of child mortality, and the transmission of common diseases, which, without treatment, become serious.
Fundraising, design of the building and its interior, building services planning, documentation, as well as of course the construction of the actual building will be the pillars of this project as well. Particular attention will be paid to effectiveness of the space utilization and the use of sustainable construction materials as inspiration to the local industry which relies principally on reinforced concrete.
With a donation, you will support not only the affected people of Haiti, but also us, as we lay the foundations of our own career paths.
Thank you!

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