Funded Kamapala Junior Team

An aid project by “People-Centered Economic Development UK” (J. Mowatt) in Kampala, Uganda

News: On this page the carrier keeps you informed about the current situation of the project. This helps you judge how the donations are being used.

J. Mowatt (Project Manager), written over 5 years ago

J. Mowatt

Deposit for air tickets

With the news from Kampala that a deposit of 30% on air tickets for the Norway Cup is required, 150 UK pounds was forwarded to KJT by Moneygram today.   

Thanks especially to Debbie and Gerry for the help given so far.


J. Mowatt (Project Manager), written over 5 years ago

J. Mowatt

Internships in Africa

Talking today on Facebook with one of the people from kampala Junior Team who is studying for a social care qualification. He's obliged to do an internship for his course and today is educating youth about Aids prevention.

But he's under stress because there's no pay for his internship and he's hungry.

It reminded me of letters here in the UK from a University offering me funding to take on an intern.

If we want to help prevent HIV in Africa through education, why aren't we investing in the people that go hungry to make a difference?  



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