Funded Kamapala Junior Team

An aid project by “People-Centered Economic Development UK” (J. Mowatt) in Kampala, Uganda

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J. Mowatt (Project Manager)

J. Mowatt
People-Centered Economic Development is a supporter of KJT and with their permission provide a fund raising route for the team.

Kampala junior team [KJT] is registered Academy for disadvantaged children, situated in Kisenyi II parish, Kampala central division. And also affiliated to the Uganda Youth Football Association [UYFA] under Federation of Uganda Football Association [FUFA], to develop youth football from the grass root in Uganda. It was formed in 2003 to identify and develop talents among kids aged from 5 years to 18 years old for both Boys and Girls that come from disadvantaged backgrounds. We started with 8 kids and currently we have signed up four hundred [400] kids from different part of the Country, 300 of whom are orphans while 100 kids have both parents. Concept Overview For 6 years, KJT has carried out its mission of changing these kids from a distressed [sad] life to a joyful life through training them different sports activities regardless of race, religion, ethnicity or gender. Some of the Talent Activities provided are; Talent Identification Talent Promotion Counseling computer training Music dance and drama Acrobatics Art & Crafts Organizing soccer league with in Uganda. Community general cleaning [sanitation programs] KJT has been involved in HIV/AIDS education

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Location: Kampala, Uganda

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