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Bunte Gärten Leipzig e. V.

Leipzig, Germany

Bunte Gärten Leipzig e.V. is a voluntary organisation that works towards the integration of people of different origins such as refugees through communal work in our gardening spaces in Leipzig to support cultural exchange and mutual respect.

Anna B. from Bunte Gärten Leipzig e. V.
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Welcome to the Bunten Gärten Leipzig! 

Bunte Gärten is a voluntary association of integration and inclusion helping and supporting refugees and asylum seekers. 

Because humans are simply humans. 

We create a place of safety and shelter, giving those people a task and space for equal encounters. Our focus in this project lies on joint work in the garden. To bring a bit of normality in the sometimes so dreary everyday life. 

Close cultural exchange and open dialogue promote such an equal encounter, respect and empathy. The Bunten Gärten act as an integration project, which reaches further then just our garden.

In the East of Leipzig the garden grow step by step since the end of 2015. The beginning wild garden is now transformed into beets, old trees now well looked after, dilapidated little houses tidied out, usable again for our purposes and so much more.

Alongside our regular opening times on Saturdays, we organize garden parties, and are just establishing a gardening club, which invites to different themes, such as music, games or cooking. All people are more than welcome to join.

In a garden, the work never ends – there is always something to do to make our garden a ‘together place’ for all generations, for which we need every support possible.

Everyone is warmly welcome to be part of it!