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Hanseatic Help for Haiti

Moria, Greece

Hanseatic Help for Haiti - A Sea Container with 10 tons of clothes from Hamburg for Haiti

Ingrid Ernst from Hanseatic Help e.V. | 
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About this project

Hanseatic Help for Haiti -
A Sea Container with 10 tons of clothes from Hamburg for Haiti

We are deeply moved by the news of horrific destruction and human sorrow that was caused by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti - a country, which has suffered by several desasters in the last years.

So we asked ourselves: Is there a way for us to help? How could we help?

Since we have a whole lot of donated clothes for children and for women in our storage, which we don't need immediately for refugees and other people in need in Hamburg, we have decided:

Just do it.
Together with our experienced Dutch partners of HRIF and Mango Tree Village, a Haiti-based organization, which runs an orphanage for children in Port-au-Prince, we are able to organize the transportation of a sea container filled with clothes to Haiti and their distribution on site.

So now we kindly ask you for your support:
Shipping and handling of the transport from Hamburg to Haiti will cost approximately 5.000 Euros.

With your donation you can enable us to help thousands of women and children in Haiti.

We sincerely thank you for your support!

Updated at 18. September 2020

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