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Multi generation house Magedeburg, Eastern Germany

A project from Nachbarschaftszentrum Neue Wege e.V.
in Magdeburg, Germany

Multi generation house Magedeburg, Eastern Germany

A. Breunig
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About this project

In Magedeburg, eastern Germany, seven private investors funded a non-profit association to keep alive the idea of the “Multi-Generation House” . People of all generations are invited to come together within this community, where they are supported by professionals, who promote self-help programs, in which people can develop and implement solutions to everyday problems. Through the many social-, cultural-, recreational- and educational-activities, we want to support this effort. Regardless of age or origin, all can find this a place of interaction and support.

Our life expectancy is steadily growing and the facets of aging are varied. The age has positive as well as negative aspects. Lonelines and social isolation, pain and illness, financial difficulties as well as poverty. These are the problems many elderly people and their family members are facing. They are confronted with challenges they are not prepared to handle. More and more elderly people live in social isolation and loneliness after the death of a partner.

The gap between the generations is steadily growing. Families living under one roof has become a tradition of the past, while the common interests of the generations seem to slip into different directions. We want to counteract this sad trend. Our Multi-Generation House should be a place connecting the generations, a center of social and cultural initiatives within a type of social-competence center. Important for our MGH is the open area of encounter, a place where all generations can meet, as this “face-to-face encounter” is the essence of the program.

Our program varies from breakfast to Yoga to cooking and all other social and cultural activities. The Multi-Generation house, however, as it exists, is much more than only Yoga or breakfast. There is always somebody around for a coffee, to give advice, to answer a question or to help in general. Everybody who joins us will be welcome. It is not necessary to take a course, just be to be there, relax, read a newspaper, play cards, or tell stories. It is voluntary act, because everybody feels good to be there. The Multi-Generation House has become a social implicitness, promoting the congenial gathering. People seeking help or companionship will receive it here. The Multi-Generation House encompasses a varied collection of social and emotional competence.

To offer professional assistance by specialized social workers, cooks, and other voluntary services, contributions are needed in order to keep the idea alive and functioning.