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Vocational training for youngsters in Kenya.

A project from Ushirika e.V. Msulwa, Matuga District, Kwale Kenia
in Kwale, Kenya

Training for youngsters in Kenya

K. McMillan
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The Msulwa Youth Polytechnic (MYP) was founden in 2011 and in the last three years about 70 young students have passed their Grade 3 exams, 12 have passed their Grade 2 and three masons succesfully passed their Grade 1 enabling them to open up their own businesses. All are in work, have started families, built their own homes, pay for school fees and can go to the hospital without worrying about the costs. Ushirika only supports the most needy youngsters mostly orphans who are fed and kept by the extended family. Here there is no extra money to send these to the polytechnic. Even girls have trouble to encourage their parents to see the importance of training as they are just expected to work the land and look after the ever growing families.
These youngsters need a chance to make something of their lives so please support them with a donation, however small.
Two years training costs 80€ per year.
Exams and material costs come to 50€
Hostel/Private accomodation for those wo live further away 50€ per year