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Child Rights Advocacy Centre – Education for former child workers in India

Education for former child workers in India. Help for Dalit children to break the vicious circle of poverty in the Child Rights Advocacy Centre. Children with and without handicaps are prepared to switch to a government School. Education for children

S. König from RANDI e.V. - Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe in IndienWrite a message

Education for former child workers in India
Help us to break the vicious circle of poverty! Join our project!

We find child labour always in places of extreme poverty, all over the world. The petty earnings of the children are essential for the survival of the families. In India child labour is found in many places and industries, such as the quarries and lime stone factories of Piduguralla in Andhra Pradesh, in the south of India. Because the children have to work, they are missing school. Without school education their future destination will be to continue the same hard and dangerous work their parents are doing.

That is why our partner, the Indian NGO CARDS started the Child Rights Advocacy Centre (CRAC) in the year 2004 on the premises of the lime stone factories of Piduguralla and established a school for child workers.

By now 80 former child workers are getting a special education there, where they can catch up on school matters and get used to a regular school attendance. Thus they are prepared to switch to a government school later.

Since 2012 there is also a special class for handicapped children and young people. Many of the children are handicapped due to the unhealthy living conditions in the dust of the lime stone factories. While the parents have to work the whole day in the quarries to be able to feed the family, the handicapped children often are left at home alone. Therefore it was a concern of CARDS to establish a special school class for 20 handicapped children. Special teachers and physical therapists are taking care of the children. They are also provided with food and teaching material.
Our association “Partnerschaft in der Einen Welt - Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe (Help for self-help) was established in 1986 and has been working successfully with CARDS ever since. The management is working honorary. With the help of our members and donors we are able to realize projects that are developed, managed and operated in India by CARDS. We are visiting our partner organisation in India, are learning from each other and are exchanging ideas there or in Germany, when we meet with cultural groups from CARDS that are visiting us.

CARDS (Community And Rural Development Society) was founded in the year 1979 by Indian Dalits as a Christian and oecumenic development organisation in the coastal region of Guntur district. CARDS is working for the poorest of the poor, which are members of the lowest castes calling themselves Dalits (oppressed) and indigenous tribes. The focus of CARDS is education.

More and detailed information, also about the Child Rights Advocacy Centre (CRAC) you will find here: