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Closed Hope for Haiti: Hurrican-resistant Housing

L'Acul, Haiti

Closed Hope for Haiti: Hurrican-resistant Housing

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The rainy season is about to start in Haiti. The homeless people now urgently need safe housing. Therefore, the German Red Cross constructs earthquake resistant and hurricane resistant shelter for more than 4,000 families. Please give hope to Haiti.

A. Kurek from Deutsches Rotes Kreuz e.V.Write a message

More than 700,000 people in Haiti have been left homeless after the severe earthquake in January. They live on the streets or in temporary shacks. They now urgently need safe housing because the rainy season is to start.

Therefore, the German Red Cross constructs earthquake- and hurricane-resistant shelter for more than 4,000 families. These simple buildings are made of a concrete slab, a timber frame, walls of local material and a tin roof. They are for example constructed in L’Acul, a heavily destructed community near the epicenter in Leogane. The local population participates in the shelter construction and earns a small income through cash-for-work programmes. This way, the economic strength of the affected families is promoted.

Let’s give hope to Haiti’s people. Please support them with your donation. Every Euro counts!

The following “needs” are examples of what your donation can achieve supporting the Red Cross work in Haiti.

Thank you very much for your support!!

Please note: betterplace transfers 100% of your donation to the German Red Cross. We retain 10% to cover for administration costs and for all costs to permanently maintain an infrastructure for immediate disaster response. This includes having a pool of qualified relief delegates and mainting emergency response units such as a field hospital or a basic health care unit which have been deployed in Haiti after the earthquake.

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