Cambodian Children's Painting Project

An aid project by “Cambodian Children's Painting Project” (Cambodian Children's P.) in Sihanoukville, Cambodia

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Cambodian Children's P. (Project Manager)

Cambodian Children's P.
The Cambodian Children's Painting Project was founded in 2005 by artist Roger Dixon in response to the growing need for social support programs for children in Sihanoukville; Cambodia's Southern coastal city. CCPP's objective is to provide vulnerable children with the opportunity to develop their imagination, creativity, confidence and knowledge through artistic expression and education. CCPP is a day center that provides a safe caring environment for children to paint and do crafts, learn English and computer skills and attend field trips and special events. Children are also given a healthy lunch and snack each day, free medical and dental care, Khmer and English school sponsorship, family support and opportunities for continued education. CCPP is inclusive and completely free to all members and is always looking for new ways to support Sihanoukville's children and families.

CCPP is a registered NGO in Cambodia, Australia and Sweden and will soon be registered in the UK and USA as well. CCPP is funded by the sale of children's paintings and by private donations from our wonderful network of volunteers, supporters and friends.

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Location: Sihanoukville, Cambodia

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