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ICAN Deutschland e.V.

A project from ICAN Deutschland e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

We organize political campaigns, demos and many things more to advocate for the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty. Doing this, we fight against powerful lobbies so we need your support!

Xanthe H.
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About this project

The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons has had many successes since its foundation 2007 - among them: The passing of the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty 2017 in the United Nations with votes from 122 countries, and being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in the same year.

But our work has only just begun. The Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty is just one step along the steep path towards a nuclear weapons free world. Our task now is to put even more political campaigns into place, to organize even more protests and to give even more workshops to as many people as possible.

This where we need your support!

With your donation we can arrange for many good things to happen, e.g.:

Informational events,
Panel discussions,
Public Actions,
Film screenings,
Finance staff costs of a full-time fundraising position,
and many things more!

We are looking forward to your help!