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Closed Donation for life-saving operation in the US for Melanie Ansbach

Rügland, Germany

Urgent life-saving operation CCi - Cranio-Cervical-Instability (stabilization of the head and neck and the fascia system) in the US

M. Moog from Melanie Moog soll leben e.V.
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PLEASE HELP MELANIE TO LIVE !!! (Donation receipt)
Melanie Moog from the district of Ansbach has a rare disease Kombinationvon:
Cranio-Cervical instability, cracks in the fascial system and EDS.
After years of diagnostic search and seeing hundreds of doctors, now a medical team of specialists in the United States is ready for 06.März 2015, which have been successfully operated a number of such cases. The first and most important operation including medical flight is 350.000, - Euro. Once this amount is reached, Melanie will be flown to New York.
We are dependent on each donation to allow Melanie the operation because the insurance covers only the cost of the German minimum (the American is significantly higher than the German, approx. 6-10 times as high. And we have in America Payment go).
Since March 2015 to June 2016, we have already received a princely sum of about 74,000 euros.
For the first live-saving operation therefore still 275,000 euros are needed.

Here on this page (betterplace) can unfortunately enter as maximum only 9,999 euros, but after reaching 9.999 euros ,we can set again 9999 Euros in.

Please help with this originallyonly lively woman in front of the cross-section neck down, or even to maintain the death, and to free them from the agonizing symptoms and the majority for over 3 years bedridden !!!!!

Every day counts and donation ....


More info at: (here finds it the Liebenzeller Förderstiftung for Melanie`s operation) or

To all who wish to donate here: "Your contribution to the operation of this site": Under the donation, the want to give her a further sum appears. You can set the amount to zero. You must not pay the fee, unless you like to want to support this platform. It is voluntary !!!