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Funded Donate for people made homeless by quake in Nepal (Blankets for "Haku 3")

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in Dhunche, Nepal

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A. Zorn
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About this project

Haku is a group of 7 villages high up in the mountains in the Lanthang region, close to the small town of Dhunche. This region was one of the most affected by the earthquakes in April and Mai of 2015. In these villages no house was left standing and only very few of their household goods could be saved. Most of the villagers are extremely poor and are currently living in tents in Dhunche. With winter approaching, they lack resources to protect themselves from the inclement weather. "Healing Haku" is a project of 3 small-business owners in Kathmandu ( that seeks to meet some of the most basic needs of affected villagers ( In November 2015 we brought good-quality blankets to the 94 families of the smallest village Haku 2 (see As we were in the process of distributing the warm blankets several desperate people approached us to ask why they were not receiving any blankets. It was very difficult to have to explain to them that they unfortunately came from the “wrong” village. That is why, with this project, I aim to provide good-quality blankets to the 104 families of the next village, Haku 3. One of the difficulties we face is to calculate the costs of transportation. Since India is blockading the sale of petrol in Nepal, gas stations are closed at the moment and petrol is only available in smuggled bottles or canisters in private apartments and the price is continuously rising.