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Cradle to Cradle Association Germany - for a positive human footprint!

Cradle to Cradle visions a world where everyone can leave a big and positive footprint. We motivate people to actively engage in this transformation by means of educational and networking activities

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Cradle to Cradle visions a world where everyone can leave a big and positive footprint. Our aim is to change society by education and networking activities. We motivate people to actively engage in this transformation: 23 regional groups, more than 300 volunteers and an annual congress.

Humans have been acting according to the principle “from the cradle to the grave” and generate a vast quantity of waste and toxic substances, which are contributing to environmental pollution. Microplastics in our oceans, harmful chemicals in clothing and toys, as well as toxic materials used in the construction sector are examples for this bad design. We oppose this type of thinking and provide a platform for learning and problem- solving.

We would like to contribute to the creation of a global society in which all types of material and products are seen as nutritive substances and each person’s "footprint" has a positive impact. Human action should not per se be seen as harmful. We support innovative solutions that aim towards eliminating waste in order to use materials in a non- wasteful manner. It is important to us, that products are made with hazard- free substances and remain useful nutritive substances within a biological or a technological circular cycle. Our organization aims to spread the innovative ideas of Cradle to Cradle by means of educational projects, vocational alliances, an annual congress, networking, and regional group activities all over Germany.

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