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Secure existence with reforestation

Piura, Peru

Secure existence with reforestation

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Plan Verde e.V. is a well-developed concept for improving the living conditions in impoverished regions, which provides direct relief and self-empowerment by targeted reforestation with the Neem and Moringa trees.

Stephan K. from Plan Verde e.V.Write a message

With profitable, targeted trees, the vicious circle of poverty, environmental destruction, and hunger can be broken. The more than 1 million poverty-stricken people living on these 50.000 square kilometers in Peru scarcely can find firewood for cooking and must survive in desert sand, without vegetation, water, or electricity. By targeted reforestation with the Neem and Moringa trees, a real possibility exists for efficient agriculture and livestock farming, which can make these people self-sufficient with an income for the future. Plan Verde is a well-developed concept for improving the living conditions in impoverished regions, which provides direct relief and self-empowerment. In Plan Verde’s view, trees provide raw material and generate resources, and are the very basis for the development of human culture. This is precisely what these regions lack, due to the extensive clear-cutting that to this day has never been remediated, let alone addressed.
The goal of improving the prospects of these rural populations is absolutely achievable in the near term: Plan Verde must enter the international dialogue and be introduced in other regions. To date, Plan Verde’s well-developed concept has been overlooked by major funding organizations amidst the swirl of ideas, and we now strive to put this important tool before the world’s hunger-relief community.
Benefits Special emphasis must be given to the facts that the Neem tree repels mosquitoes that carry both malaria and dengue fever, and that and Moringa tree is a growing source of nourishment for both humans and animals. As insect-resistant building material for pasture fences, as fertilizer, as organic pesticide, as medicine, as protein-rich nourishment, as fodder, as protection against erosion, as raw material for crafts and as fuel: the Neem and Moringa trees are an enormous source of biomass and foundation for human existence.
We look forward to flourishing landscapes that make life worth living! We rely on the support of insightful people who understand the important distinction of the fundamental, sustainable regeneration of economic culture that is our approach. Please become a sponsor for as little as $/£ 5 or $/£ 10 a month. Help those living in the desolate sands of deforestation, poverty, and misery. These are people who understand so well that each tiny step is along the path toward a peaceful and stable future for their family. You may also make a one-time contribution: every tree counts!
We at Plan Verde e.V. (registered association, friendly society) are extremely grateful for your contributions and support.

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