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Sea-Watch 3 Mission for Sea Rescue in the Mediterranean Sea

A project from Sea-Watch e.V.
in Berlin, Germany

Help us save lives! With our rescue ship Sea-Watch 3, we save people from distress in the central Mediterranean Sea. Thanks to your donation, we can continue our work!

J. Bayer
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About this project

Mission 2022

Sea-Watch e.V. is a non-profit organisation that was founded in 2015 as an initiative of volunteers and is dedicated to civilian sea rescue. With our reconnaissance aircraft Moonbird and Seabird, the Sea-Watch 3 and Sea-Watch 4, as well as our predecessor ships, the Sea-Watch 1 and 2, we have since been involved in the rescue of over 38,000 people.

Following the rescue of 53 people by Captain Carola Rackete and crew in June 2019, the Sea-Watch 3 was blocked for almost six months. Since then, the Italian authorities have made a habit of preventing us from saving people from drowning through politically motivated port state controls and subsequent arbitrary detentions.

These blockades, which affect not only us but also other civilian sea rescue vessels, are active attempts by the authorities to reduce the chances of survival of people fleeing in the central Mediterranean. The sad balance sheet of the last year shows that this deadly strategy is working: In 2021 alone, more than 1500 people drowned while trying to cross the central Mediterranean.

We will continue - until no human being has to drown in search of a safe life!
No matter what perfidious methods the European states come up with to block the civilian fleet - we will always fight against it, because giving up is not an option for us! Last year alone, we were able to rescue over 1800 people from distress at sea with our ships in five demanding missions. In addition, our reconnaissance aircraft flew over 100 missions in 2021 and supported numerous rescues from the air.

However, in order to continue our work at the world's deadliest border, we need the backing of civil society: Let's all join forces to make it clear to the EU states that the deadly policy of sealing off people in the central Mediterranean is intolerable and is not being done in our name!
Support us with a one-time or regular donation so that in 2022, we can continue to cover the operational costs of our Sea-Watch 3 in the central Mediterranean. With your help we can continue to save lives!