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Bicycle Ambulance - Saving lifes in Uganda

Jinja, Uganda

Bicycle Ambulances are a simple, affordable and efficiant way to improve the health care service in rural Uganda. It directly tackles the high mother/child mortality rate at birth and improves offered services to the poor rural population in Uganda.

Georg S. from First African Bicycle Information Organisation
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In order to improve the health care services in rural areas in Uganda we want to manufacture and hand out Bicycle Ambulances. FABIO will manufacture the spezialised trailer and attach it to a strong bicycle (Mountainbike). Every ambulance will be handed out to healthcare centre's IV, small hospitals, communities or organisations offering health care services.

Who will benefit from bicycle ambulances?
Mainly pregnant women and their unborn children will benefit as well as elderly or immobilised people. The child mortality rate in Uganda is very high due to lack of accessability to proper health care facilities and to lack of transport. Many pregnant women cant afford to pay for transport and decide to walk to the next health care center - sometimes more than 15km. Many of them can not reach the health care center and give birth on their way or stay in their villages with no health care provider.

Why bicycle ambulances and not motorised veheicles?
The answer is as simple as a bicycle itself: a bicycle has no running costs, can be operated by almost everyone and can be repaired by anyone anywhere. The poor funding of health care facilities in Uganda, most especially in rural areas, makes it almost impossible to operate motorised veheicles for hospitals - and peolpe can simply not afford to pay for the transport!

During rain season many rural roads are in very bad shape so that heavy veheicles can not drive on them and a bicycle can still use the smallest path to villages to reach the people in need.

FABIO is based in Jinja, Eastern Region in Uganda and targets as many healthcare centers IV and other facilities as possible.