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50 bicycles for refugees

Cloppenburg, Germany

Please donate for the purchase and repair of 50 bicycles for refugees in the Oldenburger Münsterland. Your donation will make a valuable contribution to the start of integration into a new life.

Thorsten V. from Offenherz e.V. - Flüchtlingshilfe
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Your donation makes refugees mobile!

Our goal is the acquisition of 50 bicycles for refugees in our region.
The cost should not exceed an average of 150 € per bicycle.

Providing accommodation in the refugee shelter means a total loss of privacy,
especially for women and children. Social contacts with the population are
therefore currently for refugees from Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan hardly possible.

As a consequence, the refugees travel further to find a new home.
This is a shame, because refugees are welcome in our agricultural region
and also have a bright future.

The boom region Oldenburger Münsterland offers simple jobs in agriculture business,
but also qualified jobs in innovative companies in the business areas of new energy,
industrial automation, building technology, robotics, wood construction, fire protection
systems or safety technology. Even the craft is desperately seeking personnel.

In Oldenburger Münsterland we challenge pragmatically. In order to put a strong signal
of a successfull refugee integration we ask you to donate for the following specific purposes:

* Procurement of used bicycles
* Procurement of spare parts for repair
* Minimum wages for everyone volunteers
* Pocket money for refugees who tackle themselves with.
* Coverage of transportation and packaging costs
* Sustainable Organisation of Logistics
* Procurement of special bicycles.