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Closed instrumental lessons for refugees

Wuppertal, Germany

refugees intrumental lessons

Thomas H. from Mandolinen-Konzertgesellschaft Wuppertal
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Since October 2015, we are giving instrumental lessons on the instruments mandolin, guitar and baglama to 65 youth refugees in 30 teaching units. 

The lesson is given weekly by qualified teachers in small groups of up to 4 people. Depending on the progress of the course, it is also taught in smaller groups or individually.  Because we employ professional teachers, we haveto pay them for their lessons. For this we need your donation. 
Through this work, the Mandolinen-Konzertgesellschaft Wuppertal would like to offer the young refugees a meaningful leisure activity. It also represents a significant piece of integration work as the refugees are involved in the ongoing projects of the orchestra (workshops, ensembles, etc.). In addition, an ensemble of participants in the project had already several occasions to perform at concerts of the Mandolin concert hall or other concerts. 
Music is, 
When people of different nations, 
Different religions and all skin colors, 
Who are fighting almost everywhere in the world, 
Peaceful together and play together on their instruments. 
This can be seen in the refugee project of the makoge

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